Agriculture Secretary Yap’s proposition of cutting one cup rice down to half serving at food chains is how ridiculous our leaders have become; according to the Secretary this was a recommendation by food outlets and restos claiming that dining Pinoys now does not consume one full cup. Marhay si Secretary ta may hors d’oeuvres bago kan saiyang main course. True?

Senate’s gone cold, PGMA won the showdown and Jun Lozada was (another of the many) yesterday’s sideshow. I’m having a déjà vu of Secretary Ermita’s haunting line “all these are just in aid of grandstanding” as it continues to reverberate. Even the church here does not allow masses for him anymore because it would be too political. True?

PCSO Php 249-Million 6/49 jackpot was won by one person from Quezon City. By one person. Bako daw PCSO man sana ini ta nasa QC man sinda? I remember ages ago when Mayor Alfredo Lim started doubting and allegations popping out about rigged sweepstakes results and an inquiry was about to proceed then the unthinkable happens … he won the jackpot! Baad ngonian siring man an mangyari ta dae ta man aram kiisay talaga si numero o kung igwa man nanggad nagtaya. True?

FilAm Ramiele Malubay (if you’re watching American Idol no need for introduction) is good enough at top 7 and Jasmine Trias (top 3) will still be the best Filipino/Asian finisher in the most watched singing talent show on earth. True?

After the Larry Bird era (1986) Celtics fans are alive and odds are favoring the team for 2008 Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy, yet having the best record in the league is not a guarantee. Boston’s Big 3 (Garnett, Allen and Pierce) cannot bring the trophy home but the key will be how reliable is their bench (Rondo, Perkins, House, Posey, Powe, Davis, Tony Allen, Cassell, Brown, Pollard, Pruit) … a good mix of young and veterans. True?

If you’re an NCAA fan I am rooting for UCLA to win the March Madness. All first seeds have made it to the Final Four along with Kansas, Memphis and North Carolina. The Tar Heels are seeded no. 1 in the country but it’s an upset in the making. True? Why Filipino 6-9 Japeth Aguilar (Western Kentucky University) has not been fielded for so many months, his last game was Jan 23, 2008 played only for 8 minutes. Nevermind, the Hilltoppers were eliminated by UCLA during the Regional Semis.

  1. auggie said:

    Celtics ? don’t count out the Pistons yet in the East, or even the Cavaliers, if they get their acts together. But the real excitement, on the edge, once in a lifetime experience, mega -thrilling event, is not the FINAL FOUR NCCA, but can be found in the WESTERN CONFERENCE NBA. Where can you find 10 teams playing above .500 ? where can you find two teams being eliminated with winning records ? where can you find three teams battling for the 8th and final playoff spot( Mavs, Nuggets, Warriors)? where can you find three teams battling for the top spot and home-court advantage( Spurs, Lakers, Hornets)?the answer can be found of course in the WESTERN CONFERENCE…

    But win or loss, I’m rooting for the underdog Warriors. Last year, the EastBay-Oakland, California, squad, made the 8th spot on a thrilling russian -roulette, win -loss last game. Then they proceeded to upset the mighty Mavs with Smokes & Mirrors. Main reason why I’m rooting for the DUBS, is that they have the the MAD GENIUS on the sidelines: DON NELSON. Sure he hasn’t won any championship as a coach, compared to the Zen Master, Riley and PoPs, but he has the most entertaining team in the league. GO WARRIORS !

  2. Anybody’s game out there and any team can make it to the finals. The western conference is truly exciting compared to its eastern counterpart. Nellie is the secret weapon of GS Warriors and may well be another upset whoever they meet in the first round playoff. I have this gut feel that I won’t see Flip Saunders going into the final or LeBron.

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