August Rush

Grab a copy of August Rush, Once and Across the Universe, three feel-good musical dramas that will relieve your everyday stress, feel sentimental and get teary-eyed on cold (even warm) nights with your family. Three films that has been nominated in musical category at the 07/08 Oscar Awards, August Rush is about a musical prodigy orphan (Freddie Highmore) in search for his parents ala Dickens Oliver Twist, Once is an indie musical-film (budget US$ 160,000 vs. worldwide gross of US$ 16M) of a struggling busker in the streets of Dublin while Across the Universe incorporates 34 songs of Beatles during the turbulent 60s look for Bono (of U2) in a cameo appearance. Recommendation?  A good speaker system will enhance your viewing pleasure, whewww! I sorely miss theatre run movie nowadays.

  1. auggie said:

    There still another one, I’M NOT THERE, featuring the many faces of Bob Dylan which includes

    BTW, I was in Naga City just very recent, and I was caught in a LINOG, and a freakish weather condition, that resembles a typhoon, all in one night ! It was exacerbated by two succesive looonnngg brownouts from CASURECO….

  2. Yes I’ll put it on my list, it was a 6.4 magnitude and scared the s__t out of me! Really freakish weather and people especially experts would say I’m over reacting if I connect it to global warming. CASURECO we’re used to it .. it’s been a long and perennial issue here for a politically-laden cooperative.

  3. auggie said:

    With regards to Global Warming, google, James Lovelock and his GAIA theory. His theory is mankind is living on borrowed time. There is no danger to the planet, it’s mankind who is being exterminated by the planet. Billions will die, and about 500 million humans only survive, mostly in the colder regions up North up to the Artic Circle. There will be mass migration of people to the North, the rest of the Planet will fry. This is the planet’s way of gaining back its equilibrium. The planet cannot simply tolerate too many humans, who pollute and desecrate the Earth.That’s why there will be a CULLING. Lovelock says, it’s irreversible. Scam lang daw itong mga Green movements and Bio-fuels. Ang advocacy niya is SUSTAINABLE RETREAT….

  4. So much hypothesis floating, scientists/experts have predicted on what’s going to happen with this planet but can billions of unwilling people CHANGE as they continue their daily norms … so much CO2 emission (cars, motorcycles, power plants,, mounting population, depletion of rainforest and the lists goes on. It’s a hard road for those who doesn’t seems to care, it’s important to know the consequences of our actions, make amend and preserve the next species or whatever will be left. Interestingly scary, GAIA theory sounded more like a science fiction movie to me (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children) but the punchline is the same and it’s already happening.

  5. auggie said:

    Of the 500 million or so who will survive, how many percent do you think will be Pinoys, who will then breed like tilapias and pollute the newly cleansed planet ?

  6. Remember the movie Deep Impact? The scenario will be much like it in reality there will be pre-selection who get to stay and sheltered in the cold region i.e. scientists, engineers, teachers etc … people who’ll be part of a worldwide effort to save mankind from extinction and move ahead, the rest, a lottery to select majority ordinary (workers). Percentage of Filipinos? Bit gloomy there but who do you think should join the list? Definitely not our trapos! Perhaps some of us will win the lottery; idtong maswerte sa lotto.

  7. auggie said:

    I think it’s more like WATERWORLD, rather than DEEP IMPACT, because according to Lovelock, the oceans will rise close to 80 feet, that’s more like an 8th story building, Baku? and which islands here have that kind of of altitude, Mountain Province ? Mt. Banahaw ? Mt. Mayon ? Mt. Isarog ? sounds like a SCI-FI movie, but it could happen, then it would be back to the primitive, Hunter-Gatherer stage…..

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