Been out on workshop for a week in Manila but failed to attend the Makati rally last Friday. I just get the feeling that we’re combating a lost cause even with 100,000 people showing force or the whole country forced PGMA out is not enough to turn the system around – to the path we really want this country to take.

What do I see from the rally? President Erap who we all know plundered, politicians whose ego were wounded decided to switch side, people selling H20, taho, fishballs just trying to make few peso from the  huge crowd, people who want a change in the system but unwilling to make the real change and yes people who are sick and tired of our system but change is beyond their control. I see PGMA handing 500-pesos for the poor as livelihood assistance, unity walk and the ever powerful media is having a picnic out of it.

Is the economy really getting stronger from what I see and hear on the tube? Philippine peso has gain so much ground against the green buck (or a signs that mighty America tumbling down) and this administration boast so much about stats.

But the real question should be – are majority (lowly middle class and the poor) really benefitting from  tour so-called stronger economy? What perks do they get? Price of commodities have skyrocketed and despite stronger peso I can sense that life is going to get more difficult by the day. Since the industrial revolution we’ve been too dependent on crude oil and look at us now, the easy life and where does it lead us? Unhealthy lifestyle, mutated and resistant diseases, global warming etc. etc. and despite acknowledging our participation in the mess we’re still awed by it.  Aint it just amazing!


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