Yet another Pinay by the name of Ramiele Malubay is on American Idol 7 Top 24 whilst this may not come as surprise to all because Filipinos by nature are good singer (balladeers or karaoke masters) and its best example is Renaldo Lapuz who auditioned but was disqualified due to age, weird costume and song. Ramiele wasn’t seen much during the grueling Hollywood week nevertheless she beat at least 140 select or from thousandths A.I.7 wannabees. We can add another list to Sway Penala, AJ Tabaldo, Camille Velasco and Jasmine Trias. Let’s see how far she goes in the season admired to be the most talented batch by far.

And speaking of television for a 40-year old immature (as my wife would utter) these are my current favorite TV series (both anime and western style) in the tube:

Avatar: The Last Airbender
The Batman
Ben 10
– Monster Allergy

Of the Japanese made films watched I’m pretty much impressed with Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, Masamune Shirow Ghost in the Shell series and Appleseed. I’ve been waiting for (what else, bootleg copy!) Appleseed sequel Ex Machina.

appleseed exmachina

Hollywood animation are really of different breed by having the resources needed in terms of R&D, technology and pool of highly skilled individuals that’ll lead me agonizing over responsibility pass to me for the short-film “Lake Happiness” because we never had sufficient research nor the adequate training (in BG/DIP) not to mention the 8-5 everyday office load.

Growing up with Spiderman, The Herculoids, Moby Dick, Mighty Mightor and Spyshadow, or sitting on supermarket sidewalk for a 25 cents comics rent during the 70s has stucked well and get me to appreciate how important character design but always next to story.

Proud of Pinoy artists, designers and animators who made it big in Hollywood, the likes of Armand Serrano, Nelson Bohol, Macky Pamintuan, Erwin Madrid, and Ronnie del Carmen also those who made it in the American comics like Whilce Portacio, Lan Medina, or the new breed of artists at deviantart like El Pinoy (Chester Ocampo) or Markovah (Mark Taduran) just to mention few.

  1. auggie said:

    Hmmm, so you are a comics/animation/film aficionado. Did you check out those animation films of Ralph Bakshi, before the advent of the computer ? I think they are available in your friendly neighborhood bucaneers. Check these titles by Bakshi: WIZARDS, LORD OF THE RINGS ( yes, the first attempt, in living color animation !)FIRE & ICE, FRITZ THE CAT, COONSKIN, AMERICAN POP…more recently I got a copy of Milennium Actress and Paprika, great stories and illustrations from Japanese geniuses. These are all full length movies.
    There is an URAGON, who is currently in LA, who I’m trying to lure in Naga to teach in animation at Ateneo. He has a Ph.D. in Physics and Applied Math, but is making a living in animation/comic illustration/storyboarding. Hopefully, when he retires, he can share his wealth of experience and genius to the young lions of Naga. His name is FLORO DERY, a native of Gubat, Sorsogon. His claim to fame ? in the 80s, he was doing Stan Lee’s SPIDERMAN, which was syndicated in more than 100 broadsheet dailies around the world. He was also the original concept creator of THE TRANSFORMERS, and did all the conceptual designs. There is also another URAGON, in Vancouver , Canada, but that’s another story.

  2. That’s encouraging news! LGU Naga is pushing its stride with 2D animation not jumping on the Call Center bandwagon but by training high school graduates into this vocation. I personally believed that before getting into 3D you need to be good at 2D. We’ve had crash courses (not enough though) and about 3 schools are offering basic CUIB (clean-up/in between) in animation. I’m not including Ateneo de Naga because they’re more on 3D animation. Director Raul Mimay (Albay) and Boatman (Sorsogon) both are Bicolanos by birth or blood have been tapped and currently has short film in production stage titled “Lake Happiness (Danaw nin Kaogmahan)” in a post Handiong setting. It’s tough considering your crew are either students or has no experiences at all.

    True, animation now is less arduous compared to the time of cel-animation where everything is hand drawn and colored manually. I guess this generation are lucky but may not have the patience and dedication of the pioneers. Japanese animation is odd and refreshing as they tend to over exaggerates expression but nevertheless it’s something Asians should be proud of. I’m also a firm believer of comics-way of developing student skills for storyboard. I’m a Stan Lee fan though I have seen only one Ralph Bakshi film – Cool World (1992). Haven’t seen Paprika yet but viewed some good Japanese full-length such as Spirited Away, Akira, Cowboy Bebop, Steamboy and OVAs like Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal.

  3. auggie said:

    Yes, according to BusinessWorld,yesterday, The industry needs 16, 000 animators due to demand, and is optimistic that RP will meet that demand. But I’m apprehensive because there aren’t enough schools teaching the craft. The only one I know is Ateneo and St. Benilde ( La Salle). On the other hand, I’m glad that there will be more opportunities for young/old talented Bicolanos, because Ateneo is in the heart of Bicolandia and they need not travel far ,thus, cutting the cost of education.
    BTW, I noticed the proliferation of several local tabloids in Naga city competing with the national broadsheets. I think somebody should convince some of the publishers to publish some local comic books in Bicol/English/Tagalog as a training ground for illustrators/writers/animators/storyboardists in the art of story telling and to boost the campaign for more READING among the young. Waddaya Think ?

  4. That should be great if schools offering 2D & 3D courses will be able to put it into action. I also believe that starting them young may be the best approach. If we can infuse it in high school curriculum (elective subject) then perhaps in four years of enjoying art could be a very big boost. Like for 1st Year (Art Appreciation/Character Design/Perspectives), 2nd Year (Painting/Coloring/Background Design), 3rd Year (Storyboard/Scriptwriting/Comics) and 4th Year (Clean-Up/In-betweening).

  5. auggie said:

    Yes, offering HUMANITIES/AESTETHICS, in high school, would certainly open up latent talents in the young. These would not be for artists/animators only but for creative individuals as well,and as for writers too.

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