Reading Jun Lozada’s transcript of the charred NBN-ZTE deal shows that corruption here is much like global warming where it probably reached the point of no return, we know too much, it’s slowly killing us and yet we don’t want act on the situation at hand. Garbage in, garbage out is what we do now, curses here and there, media blitz and after a few sleep and rest … then what? Nothing happened. Senate conducts probe and hearings, then what? Nothing really happens.

We, the people, have not changed especially during elections, JDV sudden attack of conscience is a quintessential picture of politicos or mafiosos we have, when about to be thrown overboard he started throwing mud to his bosses, reciting litany on national TV, their dirty secrets much like a cornered dog, but what did he do during the time these corrupt acts were about to be committed? Nothing really because he got his share of loot during the 5-term speaker ship has amassed enough and may well be in silencio if everything goes as planned.

Who to trust now is like waiting for the messiah, our tenet for leader is choose the lesser evil, but how less is the devil? Do we have a criterion for him? Just like Jun Lozada’s question to Secretary Neri on “what moderating greed means”. If ever his statements are true, you’ll see the devil in meek (acting) Chairman Ben Abalos or in FG Mike Arroyo. Sisteng bulok is what we are all in, and believe me we adjust well – it’s innate in us. We’re the greatest survivor on the planet! See how some nag of their suffering and yet are they doing constructive ways to ease the pain? Nothing ever happens.

Given the scenario PGMA is ousted by PeoplesRev (again) she’ll probably get an asylum somewhere or few years of house arrest (like Erap). Then what? We brainfart (again) like Dori (in Finding Nemo) and she still end up filthy rich with the loot (again). We keep running on circles. Do we ever get tired? Or shit just happens.

I will keep asking these on and on. Can we really change? Can we all undo the crookedness running in our veins?

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  1. auggie said:

    Yes, The more things change, the more they remain the same ( Corruption, that is). But this new Jedi Knight, doesn’t fool me. A public servant who loves to live a life of luxury, wants to walk in the corridors of power and life on the fast lane, is no hero to me.

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