As the world gets more and more smaller so as the so-called compact cars, and of all streaming down streets my head turner will be Suzuki Swift next would be Kia Picanto and despite so many Hyundai Getz sold locally to me it’s like a beefed-up Kia Pride and does not have that much appeal nor the version of Suzuki Alto. It got me thinking that I’ll probably be just staring at these vehicles in my lifetime as they clogged the busy lanes of Naga or simply put “in your dreams boy!But India’s Tata Motors recent unveiling of world’s cheapest car at US$ 2,500.00 (roughly P 120,000 converted to current exchange rate) I might have a chance to own one. The cost is almost similar that of assembling a trimobile or 150CC sport-bike and far cheaper than our local multicab. WOW! With these cost perhaps trimobile operator may well soon switch to Tata Nano and make our trimobile drivers to mini-taxi drivers!

Poor world (poor us) as pollutant intensifies while most doesn’t seem to care at all and some or someone gets richer by the day.

  1. auggie said:

    It’s high time Naga City acquire some fleet of these cheap small cars. The senior/aging citizens aren’t exactly comfortable in those trimobiles plying the routes of the City. Let’s face, the design isn’t really for the comfort of its passengers. Ergonomics wasn’t heared before it was designed. If we are trying to lure retirees to retire in Naga, we better be sure they are comfortable. Waddaya say ?

  2. Right on Auggie, but we need to slowly phase-out trikes if ever things like these are in the making. Aren’t two-stroke engines banned in the Clean Air Act of 2004?

  3. auggie said:

    I have no idea about the Clean Air Act, but have observed the fixation of Pinoys ( including Bicolanos) in aquiring these humongous gas guzzlers SUVS, Ford Expeditions, Escapes, Pajeros Pathfinders, ad nauseam….personally, I think these large vehicles should be banned from entering Naga City, particularly the Centro because the streets are narrow and extremely small. Parking those monsters constitute a nightmare and hassle to pedestrians and other motorists. Pang porma lang ang mga iyan, it’s just a statement that says” Oy Noy ! helinga, Arrive na baga kami, O Pajero na iyan !
    I suggest that the Mayor pass an ordinance that only vehicles like 1300 and below can enter city limits. Let’s conserve gas and help the environmentalists. A vehicle is only a machine of convenience to bring us from point A to point B quickly and efficiently. It need not be a fancy car. Get my drift ?

    BTW, kaano-ano mo si Baduritong sikat na Doctor sa US ?ang origins ninda sa Baao.

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