Tiwi, Albay

Photo by madzieph

Took time-off during the long holiday likewise the Mrs. also filed her leave. No nanny just us on a chilly Christmas!
Krisis-mas they say because life’s now is financially hard despite PGMA on press saying good economy this year, peso appreciated over the green bucks but where is our noche buena?

Me, Mrs. and Hajj went on visita altares at Tiwi, a long trip taking bus for 70 pesos, 30 pesos jeepney ride via Tuburan, Ligao City to Tabaco City plus the 16 pesos jeepney ride to Joroan. Why did we not take the Partido route via Sagnay? I would not take chance on a road less travelled especially with my family on a tight budget. It’s our Christmas highlight paying respect to Nuestra Señora de Salvacion, few minutes to give thanks, ask forgiveness and blessing, and most importantly renew faith.

Seems Albayanos have recovered but the infrastructure is far from over of Typhoon Reming devastation last year. Three bridges are still on-construction. Reaching Tabaco City you’ll notice the belfry of St. John the Baptist a huge poster about Lafayette’s mining fish kill.

Sad news. Two of my elder neighbor joined our Creator during the Christmas season, 75 y/o Tio Pek who spent his remaining years on bed after suffering from stroke. Just yesterday our very active elder next door neighbor Tia Rosing suffered from heart attack. A priest once said that people who suffered before dying are blessed because they’re given opportunity to repent and reflect on their sins; I guess I should start treating my daily life as if it is my last day on earth.

DOH reported this year’s New Year’s Eve casualty was all time low since 1999, it’s attributed (kuno) to their effective strategy. Have they checked stats firecrackers sold before press release? Most of Pinoy now has no spare money for paputok, you’re a dim-wit if you spend your belly food for a few seconds of ear wrenching smoke.

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