Animahenasyon Naga Edition

Just got off from ACPI’s Naga-leg series of Animahenasyon 2007 which featured Ronnie del Carmen [Wikipedia on Ronnie here] of Pixar Animation Studios, one of few Filipinos who made it in Hollywood (with an Emmy, Annie and Eisner statue to his pocket) as main speaker. As Fr. Dan Isidro of Ateneo de Naga University puts it “get ready to be inspired, to be awed” and true I (and about 200 or more people mostly students) was in for a great ride, the whole lecture was more of  storytelling and he’s (that!) good, no wonder he has the best job in the world.

Ronnie del Carmen

Really good story no matter how simple or how ordinary it is if you can pass it and tell it the way people wanted it is the very core of any successful full-length or animated film.

Few personal insights I’ve learned.

1. Tell/share your stories no matter how simple it may be. Because even if you’re not here anymore it will remain to people you’ve shared it with.
2. Learn to be a very good listener
3. Always get others opinion and love what you’re doing.

Fr. Dan raised an issue that despite having many good writers they cannot sell their stories. I guess the answer would be is how good is it, one occurrence though I would like to see is the resurrection of local comics industry who died decades ago, I grew up on it and it’s a simple and effective way of storytelling and dig up someone’s visual creativity at least for aspiring students of Ateneo de Naga, UNC or PCFC who dreams of breaking into animation world.

As finale, he showed animated short 2D titled “Ulan” a simple story about his personal experience during his childhood on a rainy day, no dialogue just musical score and the movie was visually stunning, I was sitting last row, neck high.

Links of some Pinoy animators who’s on top of their game in the US: Finding Nelson Bohol on Global Pinoy site; Filipinos on Top of Hollywood Animation from Asian Journal



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