Tweak a little

City Hall Complex

From a jeepney glancing at city hall the facade is really not that bad, the whole architectural and structure do merge from RSR Library to Registry of Deeds to NLRC/TESDA to CSWDO and to the rest of national offices and agencies (NBI, DOJ, LTO, IBP etc.) within the complex. But when you enter the building and I often heard from Mayor Jesse every time (a bundle) of visitors came by “we have the ugliest city hall building in the region”, exactly right but they’re not here to admire any building they came for the good innovations of Naga City… the creativity you don’t touch but you’ll be contented with process and result.

Then again it’s not what I’m yapping about as I am a firm believer of “doing more with less” it’s just when you’re inside the main building you get a speck of  ugly mentioned earlier with walls mutely defaced and the need for repair and improvement seems to be vast from the dripping roof to falling ceilings to repainting not to mention court case with Mariano’s.

I guess we start with little events like a plan for (1) unified color scheme for all buildings within the complex, for example, two new structure just neighbor (Registry of Deeds and RSR Library) with different paint though same color tone. (2) A planned and well laid out wires and cablings, (3) a regulated and educated people regarding poster areas (with post no bills sign) because I see now is all walls are accessible for just about anything. (3) The most cleanest and maintained CR can lead to a lasting impression of the city, (4) drinking fountain in selected areas because it’s unhygienic to get your tap water at CR, and (5) a map and directional sign for visitors and if we have funds perhaps (6) a visitor’s booth at the lobby (few years back I made a proposal and submitted a design to my superiors, I am assured now its safe and idly tucked inside the drawer). Above suggestions may not even require millions of pesos (except for major repairs) but can tweak the structure and character of city hall.

Lastly, kudos to city agriculturist office for making a small nursery at the vacant lot at the back of the main building, I don’t see people throwing litter now and no more tall eye-sore grasses.

  1. jesserobredo said:

    You might still have a copy of your proposal. I will look into it again!

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