Here and there

The past weeks…

(1) Been out of the office most of times, attending a series of workshop (6 months) on 2D animation with promising pool of selected WRI and PCFC students. Direk Raul Mimay is onboard as resource person, the script “Lake Happiness” was develop by Fer Basbas and the amazing Boatman as resource on character design, layout and storyboard”. “Gurang ka na tano ta ngonian lang as my wife barks why I indulge in such activity. She could be right!

Nahhh! Old age can wear you down but the mind is always there and it’ll push the body to its limit. Not attended the past week though because of some office work but I would like go back.

Started coloring digitally which I’ll be assigned as BG/Digital Ink & Paint for Lake Happiness. I’m still newbie when it comes to coloring with no formal training, I’ve taken 2 lineart at DeviantArt (thanks to BongasCompany an 18 y/o Pinoy with amazing talent and the 17 y/o SuperUndiesMan Tien from New Zealand – I envy the future of these kids!).


At times I also drop-by workshop on programming with Dex Nobleza especially during VB lecture because this will be my extra bread n butter in case I decided to pursue other venue and leave government service. But listening to and applying what you were taught are two different things…

(2) The forum titled “some observation in MNCF” re-ignited. Pros? First would be the publicity, whether good or bad people always tend to dig into especially if the tone is more controversial. Second, donors would like to see and demand response and transparency to the group they support to. Finally, donors like John Maiden who continued to trust and support. Cons? People who literally criticize and throw mud are the ones who never contribute, as they say criticism is easy but doing it is not. Lessons learned.


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