Page up, Page down

work baby work

At last, a completed 2007 Peñafrancia site sans bossing Dune (now in Singapore) and PHP yoda Jessie (now entrepreneur) whose expertise I sorely miss, been awhile since I got into web design. The site is graphic-heavy and with my limited PHP I was able to adapt Dune’s script from last year yet I still felt that it needed to be better or perhaps innovate. Needed relief from Carabs for the flash page (another heavy loader). The never ending interruption from attending meetings, to managing people, answering telephone calls/query, prescreen tabulation, magazine cover design, design and print certificates, ID design etc. was a helluva stressful exercise for a yippee-ki-yay computer operator.

I feel the need to blog more but have work to do.

  1. Excellent Job!
    The site, though graphic-heavy, took only 15 seconds to load — fast enough!

  2. Thanks bossing!
    Pirilay na there’s much to do, but no techie to handle scripting/server side.

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