Airsoft patch


For an avid airsoft officemate whose group will be joining this year’s Penafrancia civic parade. No serpent visible in the design, COBRA is the acronym for Confederation of Bicol Region Airsofters and I hope they’re not expecting to see one. The 8 holes (or gun barrel, whichever you prefer) represents 8 founding members and instead of a snake I put a punisher sort of emblem which could stand for tigasin or astig (for an airsoft gunny). Anyway I can afford 10 minutes of distraction but I feel there’s something missing in the design.

  1. Joel said:

    pano ba makasali sa grupo nyo?

  2. Sorry Joel, I’m not a member of any airsoft group, it’s my officemate Adolf Rosales who belongs to TEAM BASIC, check out their board here.

  3. jahro said:

    sain kmu nagbabakal ning magayon na klaseng airsoft guns and accesories?

  4. Reu said:

    sain ako pede makabakal ning magaun na airsoft gun?

  5. Tyesha Mussmann said:

    Airsoft has been gaining a lot of attention these days. Deemed as a competitive sport, the competitors used BB guns in replacement of real guns since the point of the game is to conquer the other team not wipe them off the face of the earth. ;

    Stop by our homepage as well

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