Wild ideas


Representatives from sectors of community (peace & order, education, POs, national agencies, media, private sector, city hall execs et.al.) were in yesterday on Mayor Jesse Robredo’s 12-point agenda during the ELA 2007-10 workshops. Though it was mainly planning exercise having a jump-off point is always a good start while the other side of the coin is for Nagueños to decide.

From it all I was more interested on plans closer to my heart and duty as government worker such as cleaner Naga, a city of trees, clean and honest government and good schools. I believe the old “green and clean” as an effective branding strategy not just for the in-thing (global warming) but for being a truly livable place. Cleaner Naga is a major issue when you think of the overfilled landfill, now is the time to make hard stand on “source reduction” and improve the 50% efficiency of household waste segregation. Only looking back will give us solution, remember the 70s. They use “bayong” and paper bags and sako then. How many are still using it now? Can it still be done? If you enter the Cararayan landfill plastic bags will be the first to greet you. Quantifying the volume of non-biodegrable (plastic bag and similar) products being use/sold by LCC, Robertson, EMall, public market, sari-sari stores and consumed by Nagueños is something worth looking into. If we do not ban or stop patronizing products with non-bio component producers will keep on shoving it to us. I believe that source reduction is the primary solution not landfill because if we continue with the trend in 30-50 years it will run out and whole city will be one gigantic landfill.

15,000 to 20,000 trees replanted within the next three years is an excellent move but I have not seen any blueprint as to varieties of trees, location etc. At CBD I there are very few trees standing and I just hope that ENRO has plan for CBD II before new building rises.

Paco Ojeda’s bushfired idea of selling the public market maybe laughable but a billion worth offer is a different story and could be a bestseller. His idea of four satellite market is good approach in decongesting traffic and source of fund. If materializes and competition rises on who’s best among the 4 satellite market will be a major feat. Another wild idea is to sell the public cemetery and relocate occupant beneath to a new and better location.

Good schools presentation saddened me (just a little) because the LGU at present no plan on the growing number of special children (ADHD, autism, down syndrome etc) cases in the city wherein they’€™re the bunch that really needed the educational fostering it seems they’re more interested in the bigger sector of school children and if you dissect an problema yaon sa mga magurang kaini.  The parents should be educated first.


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