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Above book went for P50.00 (US$1.00) and sold like hot pandesal on the streets while over the web it sells for as high as US$26.00 plus postage (P1,500.00). These modern-days Jack Sparrows are appreciated by people whose monthly income (minimum of US$100.00/month) goes to school tuition fees, fare and daily food subsidy. Fifty pesos is a tiny slash on the budget to have a hard-bound and really good book. Piracy is becoming norm in this part of the globe, in a third-world country beggars can be choosers too. DVD movie sells for P70.00, PS2 cd for P100.00 and full-track mp3 or cd album for P35.00. Class “A” Nike running shoes even sell for about P1,700.00 – the entry of Chinese businessmen and our Muslim brothers changes all these and the business of local movie-houses magnate Bichara alongside Philippine movie industry were first to take the plunge.

  1. Shay said:

    Is that a church or something? cool blog? fellow bikolano?

  2. Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Neasden, north-west London, the biggest Hindu temple outside India. Salamat po sa pagbisita. 100% Bikolano.

  3. auggie said:

    I have had an interesting conversation with a famous movie director, and he admitted that he patronizes the buccaneer’s stuff. In fact, he built a movie library out of those El Cheapo stuff. And he asked a rhetorical question: why buy at amazon .com, that would cost me an arm & leg ? And whenever I go to Quiapo, I make it it point to visit our friendly-neighborhood Muslim traders. I got rare Blues Music CDs selling for 4 for 100 bucks: BB King, Muddy Waters, PineTop Perkins, Howling Wolf, Buddy Guy, etc.I also got a box set of some artsy-fartsy films of Claude Chabrol for a song. It includes the original version of Le Femme Infidele, updated by Adrian Lynn into Unfaithful Wife, featuring the beauteous Dianne Lane.

  4. Same here sir, movie is still the cheapest form (either on theatre or pirated DVD) of entertainment for those who cannot afford some luxuries in life. I have a mini library of my favorite stuff at home but sadly as the warning goes … these things does not last that long compared to originals, I’ve had CDs that is unplayable now or just self-destructed.

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