Rescue Earth

Al Gore’€™s global awareness effort perhaps started during his congress days (mid 70s) but his most successful effort was the Oscar-winning documentary €œInconvenient Truth€. Now, he’€™s aiming at the 2-billion earthlings with one single message. Rescue Earth. Let’s start saving our sons and daughters generation. Make a move now! Saving this blue planet (blue-green as my son would tell me) and her species is your expression how you love them truly.

Live Earth 7.7.07 may well be just a propaganda for cynics, or a glam if you will. It may work or may not but conciousness is something worth looking back maybe after a year or decade, or if the islands of Kiribati, Vanuatu or Maldives continued shrinking.

See what Live Aid or the One campaign has brought big but so little to Africa. The global effort is here and continues despite failure to resolve warring factions I believe is the root of all evil.

LGU Naga via its EO 2007-07 has supported Gore’s global awareness campaign but just like his critics, I too, a bit skeptic. Walking for cause and film showing is not the answer, they (government) need to sit, plan, commit, because hard stand and long term solution will and if a Nagueno cannot start at his own backyard then probably nothing will work.

My 3 small/doable contribution as Nagueno to global warming.

(1) Never burn garbage. Not because it’s the easiest way to dispose, or kills undesirable insects and your neighbour hated you for the smell you brought to their hanged clothes but the CO2 you sent up high. The city garbage segregation is an outstanding start but the process should not stop from evolving to improve the cycle.

(2) Walk for fun of it! It burn calories especially if you live a few blocks or kilometers from where you work, you won’t look less perspiring. Car pool if you will. Bicycle if you can afford.

The exodus of lowly amortized motorcycles has made an aped out of us as we gaga over it notwithstanding our financial issues. The microscopic emission of one bike may seem pathetic but combining all these bikes perhaps would mean something to our deteriorating climate. One motorcycle add around 900 pounds of CO2 to environment for about 5,100 kilometers, with about 3,000 riders in the city alone, imagine the load emissions and pollutants (carbon monoxide) we inhale while walking at busy streets. Likewise, the noise of these tampered mufflers not only its life threatening to those with weak hearts during wee hours but damn nerve wrenching for a light sleeper.

In a US Environmental Protection Study shows that motorcycle produce more harmful emissions than a car per kilometer. The hydrocarbon emissions is about 90 times the hydrocarbon standard for passenger cars.

(3) Reduce (and recycle) the use of plastic and styrofoam if totally banning them is impossible, the plastic bags and disposable containers easily outlived its usefulness. A 20-minute segmented sip of classy coffee vis-a-vis container living on for decades. During the mid 70s I used to be Mom’€™s sidekick in market and the weaved basket bought from the ground-floor native products section was put to used until it finally breaks while groceries then issues paper bags. Look at us now, everything seems to be plastic. Our decaying body 6-feet under will be outlived by the grocery bag from LCC Mall for centuries.

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  1. alma said:

    We all, can do it,if we go hand in hand in educating the public; MASS AWARENESS. So everybody will be concern.
    Use all the needed facilities to inform,radio,tv,print ad, lokal barangays gathering, etc..

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