Back to school

Summer ’07 officially ended, his on and off recall of election campaign jingles from senators down to local councilors, daily summer evaluation class at Lighthouse and the most awaited swimming class with Coach Crush, Buboy and King where probably his flatter kick is the worst but the pleasure it derives was priceless.

New school, new acquaintances … after three highly-spirited year with Naga Parochial School my 9-year old boy wonder stomping towards plight for knowledge. An education like Chuck Jones Wile E Coyote’s immeasurable failure to catch the Road Runner.

The Lighthouse Baptist Educational Center will be his fifth school since the day formal education became a call and our goal towards intervention … six years seems like yesterday as we continue our stretch to this path up the crossroads where he’ll be ready for the world (or vice versa).

For parents, it’s upsetting that most schools in Naga City neither lacks nor has guiding principle for kids with special needs enrolled in their institutions particularly mainstreaming. To all his yodas since day one — all women from his first OT teacher Trisha to teacher Marlyn to teacher Joan we are grateful to what fine young boy Hajj turned out and will persist to be.


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