Inggit Num 1.2

Vespa PX150

Remembering the white scooter parked outside their cinema when I was kid, I can never tell if it was a Vespa or a Lambretta, all I know that it was bulky, sexy white, and steel-bodied bike which ’til now has the vivid image glued in my overloaded brain. Visiting  Vespa  rekindled the spirit of the 70s specifically that of  Mr. Bichara, how I envy the guy.

Modern Vespa scooters now are lean looking but still has the touch the made them world-famous — pressed steel monocoque chassis, 5-spoke die-cast alloy wheels, chrome retractable passenger footrests, and a classic floorboard design at price of $5,300.00 (roughly P 265,000.00). Aggh! It’ll remain to be a dream.

  1. auggie said:

    Cheer Up ! with the rip -offs coming from China, your dream may soon be realized. They are called EL CHEAPOS, for an obvious reason. Harley-Davidsons, Ducatis, Triumphs, Vespas, etc.. take your pick…..

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