Inggit Num.1


Scooter-envy. Yamaha X1. Whether to acquire the world’s finest transport on credit puts me on tight leash whose liquidity hangs in balance, at times, I envy my peers hearing those rev as they past you by walking home.

The pros & cons that nags me day & night.

(+) I get to sweat walking home, for health sake.
(+) No breathing down my nape on payday, missus gets a fair share of cheese.
(+) Worry free come rain come shine; an umbrella and P7.50 will get me home dry.

(-) Inggit-factor that tingles my spine every time I see a rider.
(-) Debt which I cannot afford just yet.

Underbone, Air-cooled Single Cylinder 4-stroke SOHC, P80,000 tag price … verdict? My NB8515zip will do wonder and all of this will be a thing of the past. No worries!


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