Twisted Mind

With midterm election messing up norms, making people hyped-up, getting peanuts from politicos high as if problems were solved. But at the end of day some will probably ask themselves – are you kidding me?! Few titillating issues boggling my mind.

(+) Just hearing (NX) from Joker that Bikol has P10-Billion fund for rehab coming directly from DBM and not passing politicos hand jigged my corrupt mind. Getting the usual 10% would make someone instant billionaire. No wonder, president’s son can take the most coveted post in his district. Sorry Abang.

(+) The reality-show rift between a grouchy-old father and seemingly meek, misunderstood prodigal son bickering over political agendas. Have you ever thought it’s a strategy to lure masa like the teleseryes gluing people night in, night out? They know your weaknesses! A grand politico dashing his last hurrah needs a new blood to keep the line from going. A small sacrifice from all the years of political lush wouldn’t gush a bit.

(+) I thought of it as a new Ford truck series. F100 represent a (get this) century of public service or tribute to constituents of a mighty clan. After a century what is the state of Partido been up to. They have been in power on a tourism-rich district. Haen an asenso? Hadaw?



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