A Brit couple walking back to Villa Caceres after enjoying Avenue Square got traumafied last night. Robbed and allegedly mugged per NX morning news by (again) hooded biker! Whoaa! First time for a tourist here? Definitely not an isolated case! These hoodlums are getting aggressive by the day. What should the PNP+LGU do? A stricter and implementable policy on type of helmet for certain bike type? Is police visibility enough? How about plain clothes enforcer? Our participation? For years (’til now) am neither scared nor hesitant to stroll city streets because Naga City is generally safe. But I see things to change overtime, influx of wannabe Nagueños with empty bellies, penniless, no day jobs and some lazy SOB who likes fast cash; high on meths will further the crime stats. Sign of progess. Price of progress.

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  1. auggie said:

    Bad PR for Naga City’s tourism campaign. But generally, rapid urbanization, brings in high crime stats also….

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