Meeting with IT movers of city hall for two hours should go somewhere, I praise the effort it has been a long time yet destination unknown. This long envisioned IT road map should have been locked and safe in vault with all their glories. My beloved Naga City is legendary when it comes to governance, innovation, and genuine leadership. But there is no such thing as perfect system; we all have our Achilles heel.

And my city does have one.  During the impromptu sharing on recurring issues, current status and desired direction. For the last 10 years, with all the kudos we’re stuck in this crossroad, and perhaps now is the opportune time reinforcing on what we have started and start focusing on what should have been done. Naga as a digital city is looming and has ghostly marketed that virus. Wether to invest in Wi-fi, Wimax, FTTX or combinations will be major issue, we have an IT crisis within that needs to resolve first, i.e. no definitive (ISSP)  blueprint to secure what is expected. from these resources, fortunately it was built by Nagueños with IT enthusiasm and dedication and  able to prove that  it can be done despite limitations.   As I would say “oki sa oki, pero kulangon pa”.


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