“300” is the first box-office for 2007 grossing $70M in US alone during its opening weekend, adapted from Frank Miller and Lynn Varley comic book similarly inspired by another flick, the 1962 300 Spartans, is a new take on the ferocious retelling of King Leonides 300 valiant Greek army who fought to death against a million of invading Persians at the Pass of Thermopylae in 480 BC.

Considered as one of the famous last stands, a timely adaptation and proved history repeats itself. Like any other war chronicle the Spartans plus 700 Thespians volunteer were betrayed by their own breed, Ephialtes, similar to our own Battle of Tirad Pass in 1899 where 60-man Filipino led by young Brig. Gen. Gregorio del Pilar fought against the advancing 500 American G.I.s was also betrayed by a local villager, Januario Galut.

In Stephanie Zacharek review, “the movie’s terms are unapologetically comic book, with all the good and bad that implies: You’ve got a bunch of noble warriors outnumbered by bullies. It’s not hard to know which side we should be rooting for.”

Who to root is not an acceptable dope. The absolute moral is, even now, in war the only triumphant is pain, death, and destruction, which George Bush and Co. has no grasp over reality.


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